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Classic Radio Road Show is Going to Italy! (with your help!)

Duomo di Orvieto

Hello friends,


Classic Radio Road Show is proud to be co-producing a play in July 2024 in Orvieto, Italy in conjunction with Teatro Kamina. Our artistic director Duane Noch will be in the cast of “Colloquia,” a two person play by David Zarko based on true events that took place in Umbria, Italy in 1944.  


We are raising money to cover the production costs, and humbly ask for your support. A contribution of any size in US Dollars or Euros to Classic Radio Road Show, Inc. is greatly appreciated, and may be made using this link.  


For more information about the play and this event, please see below.


Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming NJ performances!

It is the waning days of the Second World War. Allied forces are bombing targets in Italy. The retreating German army enacts a scorched earth policy. In the Umbrian hill town of Orvieto, its Italian bishop and the German commandant grapple with the grim realities the war’s conclusion brings to daily life. The city’s artistic and historic heritage are on the brink of annihilation. Cherished beliefs are thrown into doubt; shifting loyalties, changing ideals. The two men clash over their differences throughout the winter and spring of 1944, but when they discover a shared admiration for Bach, it inspires them to create a way to save Orvieto.

Colloquia (conversations between enemies) by David Zarko.

This June, a slate of events celebrates the 80th anniversary of Orvieto Città Aperta and it culminates with productions of Colloquia, in English and Italian. Classic Radio Road Show has been invited to bring its English language production of this powerful play to Teatro Kamina in Orvieto, Italy and to be one of the events commemorating the anniversary of the Open City declaration of 1944 that spared Orvieto from bombardment.

We hope you will consider making a contribution in any amount to help take up this extraordinary opportunity.

To support Colloquia with dollars, please click here ~ and thank you in advance!

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Our 2024 Season Begins!

The Damon Runyan Theater:  Madame La Gimp
and The Fabulous Dr. Tweedy:  The Farmer

  April 27 at 2pm  Cross of Glory Lutheran Church  95 Cambridge Dr.  Aberdeen, NJ  07747



Damon Runyon is famous for penning stories and characters that the musical "Guys & Dolls" was based on.  His unforgettable characters were habitués of the street:  gamblers, fight managers and race track bookies.  This one is a hilarious Cinderella story that you don't want to miss!


Dr. Tweedy was played by Frank Morgan (the titular Wizard in "The Wizard of Oz).  In this episode, Tweedy plays makeover artist and matchmaker for a lonely lady farmer. He is aided in this endeavor by Mr.Welby, once  a homeless prize-fighter.

D. Runyon portrait.jpg
Damon Runyon
Frank Morgan


      My Favorite Husband:      Iris & Liz's Easter Dresses PLUS                                                        The Young Matron's League Tryouts
May 18 a
t 2pm   The Navesink Library 149 Monmouth Ave, Navesink, NJ  07716

 May 19 at 2pm  Monroe Public Library  4 Municipal Plaza, Monroe, NJ  08831

May 25 at 3pm  The Atrium on the Navesink  40 Riverside Dr., Red Bank, NJ  07701


Liz and Iris make a bet with their husbands that they can diet and fit into their new dresses before the men can fit into their new suits, little do each know that the others are sabotaging them!  My Favorite Husband was the template for "I love Lucy", both starring Lucille Ball.
In "The Young matron's League Tryouts",  Liz wants to audition for a play without her husband knowing, but her behavior at home while she rehearses makes him think she's become unravelled and needs a psychiatrist!
Lucille Ball and Richard Denning

Adventures of the Thin Man:  All American Menace
and  Richard Diamond, Private Detective: Lonely Hearts 

Thin Man starred Myrna Loy and William Powell, playing a detective couple with wit and sophistication.  The characters were based on the 1934 novel by Dashiell Hammett (Sam Spade, "The Maltese Falcon", you know!) 

Richard Diamond was created by Blake Edwards.  Diamond was a former NYC cop turned private eye and was the epitome of the noir, wise-cracking detective we've seen and loved in film and television and radio!
Myrna Loy & William Powell (they had chemistry!!!)


David Janssen as Diamond


The War of the Worlds

Based on the H.G. Wells novel, made infamous by the 1938 broadcast of The Mercury Theater of the Air by Orson Welles.  The Martians land in Grover's Mill, NJ and they are not happy!


It's a Wonderful Life, radio play
  December 7 at 3pm 
East Jersey Olde Town Village in Piscataway, NJ
  (There will be additional venues and dates for this beloved classic)

In Memory of Ron Steelman

Steelman in Seinfeld.jpg
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 Please help us continue offering revivals of this classic American art form
as well as exciting NEW Radio Plays. Make a donation of any amount.
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