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Steelman continues to explore the quirky world of
dreams in his new romantic comedy, this time featuring
a young woman entrepreneur who is desperately trying
to block a bothersome recurring nightmare. However,
just like in our own dreams, her quest doesn’t end the
way she had envisioned.
The CRRS production of "The Dreamer" by Ron Steelman garnered rave reviews from the judges at the Atlanta Fringe Audio Festival. It remains available for your listening pleasure on the "Recordings" Page. 
PREMISE - I love the premise! The premise kept me engaged the entire time and with the entrance of each new character being so distinct, it left me wondering each time: "Could this be the dreamer?"
PLOT - A fun, charming romp with old-time radio sensibility, an engaging plot, and laugh-out-loud lines!
DIALOGUE - The dialogue is strong and engaging and I jotted down several lines that made me laugh out loud (“Oh my applesauce!”, “Oh look, they’re throwing something back at me through the window.”).
VOICES - The voice work fits the characters to a tee and the entire show is well mixed, with SFX and music never overwhelming the dialogue.
MUSIC - The music interludes signifying major scene changes were a great move! It signified the type of mood the show was going for. The actors gave very stylized performances that I was very into.
STYLE - A really nice homage to the style and techniques of the Golden Age of radio.
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