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* Mission Statement
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~ Mission Statement ~
by Artistic Director Duane Noch

~ Recreating This Magical Art Form ~

THE explosion of visual media over the last sixty years has changed our entertainment world. Our diet of the performing arts is now all through
visual mediums brought to us via various
streaming platforms for television, films, and
of course, YouTube.
JOIN US as we drift back in time to the Golden Age of Radio. Classic Radio Road Show recreates this magical art form, providing the stimulus to revive and activate the wonder of your very own visual projector. The scenes from the stories are enhanced by sound effects, music, and the voices of talented actors. Live performances of the scripts by the most creative writers of the era will trigger your imagination. It's called "theater of the mind." .
WE INVITE YOU to experience one of our live or recorded performances. The artists of Classic Radio Road Show will awaken your imagination and guide you into “seeing with your ears.”

~ History ~

It's hard to imagine that we've produced 60 radio plays in the last 7 years. Please take a look at the full list and find your favorites.

~ Radio Warriors ~

Duane Noch - Artistic Director
Michelle Berke
Laurie Noch
Elaine Steelman
Gwen Ricks-Spencer
Michael Bürgi
Ron Steelman
Bob Beaumont
Wayne Emley
Zeke Zaccaro
Christian Dilks
Emily Ehlinger
Kim Titus
Marcia Finn
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