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Ron Steelman continues to explore the quirky world of
dreams in his new romantic comedy, this time featuring
a young woman entrepreneur who is desperately trying
to block a bothersome recurring nightmare. However,
just like in our own dreams, her quest doesn’t end the
way she had envisioned.
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The radio adaptation of that 1941 film.
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The ladies of the cast of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” share their thoughts about the humorous depiction of married life in 1941 and the way women were viewed in society. You can hear their brief comments here.
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Adapted from a 1994 Television Pilot by Ron Steelman & Leslie Ann Podkin
The_Dreamer_V4The Dreamer By Ron Steelman
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Since the dawn of time, human beings have experienced the bewildering phenomenon of dreams. From birth to the grave, these relentless “movies of the mind” captivate, confuse and terrorize as if our very lives depended upon the outcome. Then, we are forced to confront the seeming reality of our dreams, with the logic of our waking minds. Was it a memory, a vision, a warning, a joke, a message from our soul or, perhaps, a message from some other soul? Come journey with us as we weave this tale of sleeping wonder… decipher its meaning…and see if you can identify…The Dreamer.
The inspiration for
The Dreamer
was the painting
"Pygmalion and Galatea"
By Jean-Léon Gérôme 

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Originally starring Eve Arden as Connie Brooks, Richard Crenna as Walter Denton, Gale Gordon as Mr. Conklin, Jeff Chandler as Mr. Boynton, and Gloria McMillion as Harriet (Conklin's daughter).

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Words describe the physical scenes in the radio plays, the feelings of the actors, and comprise the actual lines the actors speak. However,  sometimes the actors might trip over certain words. This video will demonstrate how words can sometimes come out in a jumble.