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I can't believe how listening to "The Dreamer" transported me into the story. And I love, love, hearing your voices, the sound effects. . .and the music was incredible! It reminds me of the old days listening to the radio, and letting one's imagination take over. It was pure delight to listen to, and I can't tell you how much
I appreciate being informed as to what's going on in the creativity world. 
- Pat Barr, Lakewood, NJ
Listening to a Classic Radio Road Show broadcast is like getting a powerful vaccine for the imagination! The actors, and sound-effects are absolutely topnotch. Few in the audience will be able to personally remember the preTV joys of sitting together to listen to the wonderful old radio dramas but Radio Road Show can bring this delightful experience to today’s audiences, and especially when most in person entertainment is banned due to Covid.  Close your eyes, open your ears and be enchanted.
- Mary Carol Stunkel
Enthusiastic listener
"I like what you do and enjoy all the shows. I look forward to the next one on Zoom, and the next live performance"
- Marian Vaughn, Aberdeen, NJ
“Being old enough to remember The Shadow on radio, I can say that the Classic Radio Road Show production was almost an exact duplicate of the original. What great fun. Everybody was terrific. And of course, their spooky Halloween show scared everybody the way old time radio was supposed to. Kudos to everyone involved.”
- Art Weiner, Middletown, NJ
“Listening to a story on the radio makes you an active participant, not just a passive observer. Watching the process of a radio drama being created live in front of you makes it that much better. It only takes one time to make you a fan of this talented group of actors and technicians.”  
-  Ron Flannery, Oceanport, NJ
– December 6, 2019 - By Kevin Coughlin
"The Classic Radio Road Show presented a live radio re-creation of It’s A Wonderful Life at the Morristown & Township Library on Friday, December 6, 2019.
Based in Middletown, the Classic Radio Road Show has been recreating plays from radio’s golden age for about three years.
Leading this nimble ensemble is Duane Noch (George Bailey), who builds scenery at the Two River Theater in Red Bank. His acting credits include a Law & Order episode and commercials. He also fashions ingenious sound effects for the Road Show’s Foley Artist, his wife Laurie.
By day, she’s a school psychologist. But when the big, boxy “ON AIR” sign flashes to life, Laurie becomes an old-fashioned radio star. Audience members are instructed to close their eyes, as cast members jostle for microphones and assume multiple roles.
“Movies now are all about special effects,” Laurie explained. “At some point, it’s like, ‘What’s the story?’ My husband wanted to focus on the story.”
Guess what. Trimmed to an hour, with your eyes shut tight and your ears open wide, It’s A Wonderful Life is fresh and lovely–which is how you’ll look after using Lux Soap.

Yes, even (the original) commercials are fun with this troupe. Wayne Emley was deliciously loathsome as the snarling Mr. Potter. Marcia Finn shrieked like a pro as Mary, the housewife-turned-library spinster accosted by her never-born husband, George Bailey.
Brian Hotaling ping-ponged with convincing cluelessness between the feckless Uncle Billy and Clarence, the grounded guardian angel.
Elaine Steelman was the team’s utility infielder, and library Assistant Director Mary Lynn Becza, its star pinch-hitter. She played Mary’s mother, Mrs. Hatch, with a certain je ne sais quoi.
Free entertainment does not get much better than this."
                                         : : :
I have vivid memories of Fibber McGee’s closet from my childhood and was thrilled to find out it sounds just the same today. Radio shows inspire the imagination. Thank you Classic Radio Road Show, can’t wait for your next performance.
– Jeanne McArthur,
Tinton Falls, NJ
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