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Fans of screwball comedies will no doubt enjoy the free radio play Mr. & Mrs. Smith by Classic Radio Road Show, offered online at starting on Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 7:30 p.m., and will be available until May 1st. An hour after listeners enjoy this first performance there will be a live Zoom Q. & A. with the cast, and a trivia game about famous radio shows. To register for the Zoom Q. & A. please email:
The provenance of this play is impressive: There is a finely written script by Norman Krasna (White Christmas, Indiscreet) which was produced in 1941 as a feature film starring Robert Montgomery and Carole Lombard, and directed by none other than Alfred Hitchcock (his only foray into romantic comedies).  Soon thereafter came the Lux Radio Theatre production starring Carole Lombard and Bob Hope, and this time the hilarity was directed by another big name: Cecile B. DeMille (The Ten Commandments, The Greatest Show on Earth). In the radio version Hope’s wise-cracking added even more fun, inspiring the live studio audience to respond with gales of laughter.
The Classic Radio Road Show production of Mr. & Mrs. Smith involves an elite New York couple, Ann Smith (Emily Ehlinger) and David Smith (Duane Noch) who have enjoyed affectionate, loving, wedded bliss for three years. However, they find out that because of a technicality, they are not legally married. The fireworks of love can often play havoc with the institution of marriage. This humorous story reveals how relationships were evolving in the 1940s. What should have been a simple fix turns into comedic mayhem and foreshadows the next phase of the coming liberation of women in society.
Initially the group staged live readings of the radio plays at various locations around central New Jersey. They will return to live performances when it is safe to do so. CRRS has produced 40 radio plays since its founding in 2017 and a full list is available on the website. Recordings of the previous three radio plays are still offered free of charge on the website. They are: Our Miss Brooks, Roadside, and The Dreamer.
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