Catch Three Comedy Classics 

Live on Zoom May 1 - 7:30 p.m.

Contact Ron Steelman - 732-290-1901
Get ready for another night of hilarity and classic comedy when Classic Radio Road Show presents three radio plays from the Golden Years of Radio, live on Zoom May 1, beginning at 7:30 pm. A favorite episode of The Bickersons, “Two Weeks With Pay,” will be accompanied by an episode of a show made famous by Lucille Ball, called My Favorite Husband. Rounding out the program is a humorous left-hook called Miss Tithinwither at the Prize Fight. Drop an email to to register for the Zoom show.
Fans of classic radio serials will instantly recognize the lovably caustic back-and-forth between John and Blanche Bickerson in “Two Weeks With Pay.” John has finally been granted two weeks’ vacation, only to find he and Blanche have drastically different ideas on how to enjoy that hard-earned time off.  This version will star real-life husband-and-wife Duane and Laurie Noch, the founders of CRRS.
My Favorite Husband was a radio show that ran from 1948-’51 starring Lucille Ball, which evolved into the beloved TV sitcom I Love Lucy. George and Liz Cooper work very hard to convince each other to take the perfect vacation—just not perfect for each other! CRRS veteran Gwen Ricks Spencer plays the lovely Liz, and CRRS first-timer Alberto Bonilla co-stars as George.
CRRS mainstay Marcia Finn straps on the gloves to play Miss Tithinwither at the Prize Fight, a short play first aired on the Rudy Vallee variety program in 1935—the same night that Jim Braddock upset Max Baer in the ring. Tithinwither, an ardent pacifist, ends up calling a fight, and gets just a wee bit caught up in the action.   
Classic Radio Road Show has produced over 40 radio plays in the past four years. Initially the group performed live readings of the radio plays around central New Jersey. The group eagerly looks forward to performing  live onstage once it is safe to do so.
Other recorded radio plays still offered free on the site are: Our Miss Brooks, Roadside, The Dreamer and CRRS’ most recent production, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 

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